Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news, so our trotters must be mighty spiffy!

Edward Komba at an open air Market

Father Edward Komba buying produce at an open air market very like the one from which the Tabora Project will be getting their supplies.

With about a month to go before we depart for far foreign lands, the Tabora Project team has already collected a total of $6031 purely in cash donations. That’s a whole third of the total we have to raise as a team! At an average of about $2000 each, that puts us right on schedule with our first benchmark. However, we are far from through. Our personal goal is to raise twice that amount before we head out. So, please, click our donate button in the upper right corner and be sure to indicate the Tabora Project on your check or on the confirmation page for your Paypal Donation. Thank you so much to everyone who has given so far!

All of the funds we collect go directly to our project in rural Tanzania. We will spend nine months in a village in the Korogwe district living and working closely with local farmers and the surrounding community. Part of our role is as a design team, so we intend to learn from the people of Tabora their understanding of their greatest challenges. We will then collaborate with the community to come to a solution that works. All of the donations to the project go directly to the implementation of this project or to our food and lodging, which will be minimal expenses.

Another way you can become a part of the Tabora project is through the 2Seeds Auction at are open items now, but the auction officially begins on Friday the 8th of July. Have a look around!

If you’d like to donate an item to our auction on behalf of the Tabora project, please email us!


About Joshua Paul

Due to his father's military background, Joshua spent his childhood moving throughout the continental United States. Though he did not travel out of the country until his teens, Joshua has been interested in cultural anthropology and linguistics as long as he can remember. A recent graduate from St. John's College in Annapolis with a B. A. in Liberal Arts, he has studied ancient Greek and French for literary purposes. He currently lives near Boise, Idaho.
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