Gratitude for Three Sucessful Events

Kijungumoto's Kelly Trop dances with Tabora's Joshua Paul

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Tabora Project. We still have so much to do before we leave for Tanzania, and cannot thank enough all those people who have made our tasks easier.

First of all, thank you to everyone who bid in our online auction! The closing day was Monday the 18th and the final bids raised over $8,800 to be distributed among this year’s 2Seeds projects! All our PCs are now in the process of mailing out items. We hope you all enjoy them!

This past weekend one of the Tabora Project PCs, Joshua Paul, helped to organize and run two events to benefit our project! In the morning he set up a yard sale at his parents house near Odenton, MD. Thank you to everyone who responded to the Facebook event and to those passers-by who stopped by to look and to listen to Josh talk about his upcoming work in Tanzania! In addition, we’d really like to thank Josh’s parents and all the members of his church who so kindly donated items to be sold.

That night, Josh joined a PC from the Kijungumoto project, Kelly Trop, at a summer luau dance event in Severna Park, MD hosted by GottaSwing. Kelly has written a post at her personal blog about the dance. Many thanks to Craig, Susanne, Debra and the rest of the people at GottaSwing for all their hard work and for the donation of a portion of the proceeds from the event. We’d also like to thank everyone who came out for the dance and for the personal donations they made.

Everyone’s donations will go directly to our work in Tanzania. We are all so excited to depart on August 10th!


About Joshua Paul

Due to his father's military background, Joshua spent his childhood moving throughout the continental United States. Though he did not travel out of the country until his teens, Joshua has been interested in cultural anthropology and linguistics as long as he can remember. A recent graduate from St. John's College in Annapolis with a B. A. in Liberal Arts, he has studied ancient Greek and French for literary purposes. He currently lives near Boise, Idaho.
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One Response to Gratitude for Three Sucessful Events

  1. Joshua Paul says:

    The auction and the two events together raised over $2000 for the Tabora project. Thank you again to everyone!

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