The Tabora team has finally arrived in Dar es Salaam after three days worth of overnight plane trips. We’re all pretty wiped out,and against the warnings of some of our family members, proceeded to nap in the lovely Econolodge Hotel (no relation to the American chain) in the City Center. Hopefully we’ll all be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

The only hiccup we’ve experienced so far is that out of all of the PCs who joined us flying out of New York, the Airlines left one our PC’s bags behind. We’re told that Josh’s bags will be flying in Sunday. In the meantime, he’s remaining presentable only through the kindness of other PC’s like the Kariakoo Project’s Alex Cabot, and the little bit of daily laundry he can manage to do. As we will be leaving for Korogwe before Josh’s bags arrive, we can only hope and pray that they are delivered safely and intact to us there Sunday evening.

So far the plan that we’ve heard for the coming couple of days is that tomorrow (Saturday) we will spend the morning visiting the Kariakoo Market, the largest market in Tanzania. Then we will spend the afternoon resting by the seaside. Early Sunday morning we will be leaving for Korogwe where we will spend the next week or so getting a crash course in Swahili and agriculture before we head out to Tabora.

Tonight we went to dinner at Mamboz, a barbaque place around the corner from the hotel. There we celebrated Aly Breedlove’s birthday with a cake and afterwards many of us tried an after dinner medicinal snack called pan. Opinions about the taste are varied to say the least. However, everyone would agree that it was quite aromatic.


About Joshua Paul

Due to his father's military background, Joshua spent his childhood moving throughout the continental United States. Though he did not travel out of the country until his teens, Joshua has been interested in cultural anthropology and linguistics as long as he can remember. A recent graduate from St. John's College in Annapolis with a B. A. in Liberal Arts, he has studied ancient Greek and French for literary purposes. He currently lives near Boise, Idaho.
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