(Happy Holidays!)

Hope this finds all of you stuffed with figgy pudding and the like. I am spending my first Christmas away from home, though Tabora is a great second-best. We are celebrating with our  neighbors and enjoying a day off work. As usual many made pilau, a rice and meat dish and a tomato salad, the combination eaten for every special occasion. We tried to make some different dishes to bring to our neighbors and friends, and with limited ingredients settled on something like homefries and a mango dessert. People were a little confused, trying to add the dessert to the rice, but enjoyed it nonetheless.  The unintended effect is that now everyone realizes we can indeed cook and are requesting dinners.

As it is the hottest and driest time of year, we won’t enjoy a white Christmas, more of a dusty, red one. However we have done our best to make it feel like the holidays despite the climate. Thanks to our mothers, Rachael and I have a formidable Christmas palm tree with our stockings and trimmings. We have solar lights and a package of stovetop stuffing. Swissmiss. Our shortwave radio is tuned to a terrible rendition of “Jingle Bells”. We are also looking forward to New Year’s which we will spend at the beach with a large group of 2seeds volunteers. There are unsubstantiated rumors of a wood-fire pizza oven at the Italian expat-owned guest house. Updates to follow.

The last month has been full. We have chosen a focus of child nutrition and a project based on backyard gardens. We have selected partners and begun planning trainings in planting and nutrition. We are exhausted but happy with the progress and passionate about our work. More details and hopefully photos to come later.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday with family, friends and nutritious (if fattening) food. Tis the season. Please keep us in your thoughts and all of the people in Tanzania and in your own communities without access to healthy food.


About rachael.gass

Project Coordinator for the Tabora Project - Part of the 2Seeds Network.
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