Partner Profile: Mama Mudi

We first met Mama Mudi through her charismatic husband, Mustafa, who is the village carpenter. Together, they have four children: Mudi (moo-dee), Adidyah (Ah-deed-yah), Maidyah (My-eed-yah), and Jasmini (yas-meen-ee). Mudi and Adidyah attend middle school in Buna, a neighboring village, to which they commute everyday by bicycle (Mudi pedals and Adidyah rides side saddle on the back). Maidyah attends Tabora’s primary school. And although the youngster, Jasmini, wreaks havoc on the surrounding neighbors, she can honestly do no wrong on account of her undeniable cuteness.

This family has treated us well from the start. Mustafa has built us two doors as well as a table and stools for our living room. Mama Mudi, on the other hand, is a seasoned chef whose specialty is fish fried in oil. We love it so much…because it tastes like bacon.

Mama Mudi has been one of our best, devoted partners so far. She is the only one to consistently show up on time to meetings (one of our biggest obstacles), and she has also proven to be very organized and on her A game. We are very happy to have her as a partner and believe she will help carry on the group’s activities upon our departure.


About rachael.gass

Project Coordinator for the Tabora Project - Part of the 2Seeds Network.
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