Veggie Tales

We are very excited to announce that our first nutrition training for The Tabora Project was a hit. After spending two months learning about gardening best-practices, we think Kikundi Cha Jitegemee responded well to the change-of-pace.

It is a really tough time of year to get organized and productive. With the onset of the rains, everyone in the village is spending all day everyday at their farms planting this season’s maize crop. If our partners even return home for a mid-day break, they are often too exhausted to do anything other than cook for their families, wash clothes, or other necessary household chores. So, we commend their efforts of taking two hours out of a very hot Wednesday to gather in the Catholic church for nutrition 101.

This training would have not been such a success without our nutrition officer: Mwanaisha Mfinanga. She is the Korogwe District’s nutrition guru, and she put on quite a show. We knew things were going to be good when she showed up with a flip chart and a bag full of veggies. She put on an interactive and participatory demonstration that had everyone talking. She led a variety of exercises, including having a participant construct a “healthy meal” out of the ingredients present. She also talked about general nutrition topics such as food groups and nutrient sources. For the next training, we hope to have interactive cooking lessons for our partners who exclaimed statements of disbelief when they learned that over-cooking greens drains them of nutrients. We can’t be more grateful for our relationship with Mwanaisha, and we plan to keep in close contact throughout the remainder of our time here.


About rachael.gass

Project Coordinator for the Tabora Project - Part of the 2Seeds Network.
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