Welcome to Year Two of The Tabora Project!

In June, Ros left Tabora and returned home, wrapping up the first successful year of 2Seeds’ partnership with Tabora. Although this year was full of many challenges, it was ultimately very successful and produced an active group of women working to better their children’s nutrition through tending vegetable gardens. Gardens were planted for all members of the group and the women began seeing their efforts yield results.

However, there is still much work to be done on this project as the group is not yet self-sustainable and participation by the group members is highly variable. To continue to strengthen and build this project, Rachael and Ros have begun passing the reins to the 2012-2013 project coordinators, Jamie and Ashley. They have written a number of documents for Jamie and Ashley detailing the design and goals of the project, important information about the village, and the people with whom they formed strong connections. On Sunday both groups met for the first time to get to know each other and to talk about the past and future of the project. As this transition progresses, Jamie and Ashley will become the official 2Seeds partners on this project and Ros and Rachael will move into an advisory role.

One important part of this transition is moving control of the blog and all social media into the hands of Jamie and Ashley. So without further ado, it’s now time for you, the amazing supporters and friends of The Tabora Project to get to know your 2012-2013 Project Coordinators:

Hello! My name is Jamie Solomon and I am from the Bay Area, California. I am a very bubbly and warm person and am incredibly excited to start meeting our project partners and neighbors in Tabora. I went to Stanford University and have a BA in sociology, although I pretend like I’m a Biology major. I love SCUBA diving, making art, performing and hope to eventually have a career in sustainability once I stop running around the world. I’m really excited to be working in Tabora because it’s so small (about 700 adults), full of children, and Ros and Rachael have told us how incredible it is. This year is going to be one big huge adventure and I’m looking forward to learning so much. However, I am starting to get nervous because I’m realizing just how little time I have left at home before I leave and how much a struggle speaking Swahili is going to be fore me. I’m happy to say that I am going to be the one mostly in charge of the blog- I hope that I can keep it updated and interesting for you guys! If there’s anything about our lives and project that you guys want to know, just tell me (and go check out the new FAQ section I just added).

Hi! My name’s Ashley and I’m from Pennsylvania. I just graduated from St. John’s College in Maryland and am so happy to be spending my next year with 2Seeds. It’s going to be a completely different world, but I’m excited for all the challenges it will bring and I am hopeful that we can successfully build on the work that Ros and Rachael have already put into the project.

Right now we’re both spending our time visiting friends before we leave, reading over the documents Rachael and Ros left us, and studying Swahili with the other project coordinators. We are also starting the difficult task of fundraising. To fund The Tabora Project for this year and pay for our living expenses and all project costs, we need to raise $16,000. It is our hope that we can raise the vast majority of this money by our departure date on August 15th. If you are interested in helping to fund this project, please click the button below for instructions. Any contribution helps and we are incredibly grateful for your support!

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