I know some of you are incredibly curious as to what Tanzania/ our lives looks like. Here are a few pictures from the first week:

Here is just a general scenery shot of Korogwe. It’s surrounded by these beautiful mountains (the Umbara mountains) where some of 2Seeds’ projects are.

The city has a huge variety of houses- from places that look like shacks and seem like they are barely holding together, to cement houses that have architecture and metalwork. Just to give you an idea, here are two houses next to each other that look totally different. I can’t tell if there are areas of the city that are nicer or not because the houses next to each other can be so drastically different.

This is inside Sam and Ana’s house, which doubles as our office and where we’ve been spending most of orientation. This is the living room.

This is the bathroom (I know you guys were all wondering). We take bucket showers in our bathroom as well (on the part of the ground in front of the toilet) by pouring pitchers of water over ourselves.

There are more pictures up on our picasa page (link in the menu on the top right). We will probably put most of our pictures up there instead of on the blog, because uploading these photos has been incredibly difficult.

Tomorrow we are going shopping and the next day we are heading off to Tabora! You may not hear from us for awhile if we go out of internet access.

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One Response to Pictures!

  1. Wonderful photos, Jamie. Sounds like you are acclimatizing yourself to Tanzania. I am eager to hear of your progress.

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