…and we signed up for this why?

(written 8/29)
3rd day in Tabora

Ashley and I are both feeling a bit overwhelmed being here. Our reaction to actually moving into our home is ‘what am I doing here? Why did I decide to come do this again?’ We found a letter from Rachael and Ros to us describing exactly how we are felling and assured us that things will get better. It was really wonderful, as was a conversation with Sam in which he assured us that our job for this first week…

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2 Responses to …and we signed up for this why?

  1. bobreid says:

    Jamie, you have chosen an adventure that will forever change who you are, or might have been. Most are afraid to ever take that close a look at anything unfamiliar, let alone dive in, as you have! Be kind to yourself! Melt down if you need to! There are no mistakes when you are busy creating! You are busy creating a life worth living!

  2. Shawn says:

    Everything you are feeling is compelty normal and you have a right to feel exactly how you are feeling. The reason you feel overwhelmed, crowded, scared, unsure is because you are literally overwhelmed, crowded, scared, and unsure. It is completley healthy to have all of these emotions and feelings. What we need to focus on is accepting these emotions and finding healthy ways to deal with them. Being aware of them is the first step and developing heathly habits to deal with them is the next. This tends to be the most difficult and takes an active approach rather than a passive approach. We can do this!

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