Attempts at Cooking

A quick note before this post begins: I have put up a number of pictures from the last month on our picassa website. Go check them out using the menu on the top right (under “follow us”) or by clicking here (or here).


written 9/12

Weep for us. Between our limited capacity to heat and preserve food and our almost nonexistent abilities to work culinary magic, our cooking projects have been disastrous.

We have a little kerosene stove that heats fairly unevenly, is covered in soot, and often goes up in flames- extinguishing itself. However, it does boil water (our definition of boil being that bubbles do exist. They may be miniscule and collect on the edge of the pot in a film, but they exist)…

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One Response to Attempts at Cooking

  1. Thanks for this interesting update. I enjoyed the photos, too. These help me get a feel for Tabora and your new friends.

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