The Blog Posts are Coming!! (and how to contact us)

We’re back in Korogwe for our first group meeting after moving into our villages. I’ve been dutifully writing blogposts in a notebook every few nights and, now that I’m in a place with electricity I am typing them up. I will put them on here so that one shows up every few days so you guys are not flooded. Hopefully the posts will tide you over until the next time we have internet and can upload again.

also- how to contact us:

We would love letters and packages (Thanks Rory and Kelly!). You can send them to

2Seeds Network, Inc.
PO Box 506
Korogwe, Tanga, Tanzania. East Africa

It will take anywhere from one to four weeks to arrive. Smaller boxes and envelope packages definitely arrive faster than big ones, but letters sometimes get lost. Anything valuable that is being shipped should be disguised (writing “religious materials” and addressing to Sister _____ or Father _____seems to work. Red writing looks more official.) Mail is often opened before it gets to us, so valuble things often disappear, as do electronics such as USB drives. FedEx cannot be shipped to Korogwe. USPS Priority Mail is recommended and flat rate boxes are often the most cost effective option.

Things we would love to have: anything nutritious, anything with protein, chocolate, dried cranberries (for Jamie!), granola and protein bars, nuts, drink flavoring to make our water taste less weird, stories from home, scented candles (or just normal candles- the ones we get here to light our house burn really fast), parmesan cheese (the really processed kind that won’t mold), news and pop culture and music. The first person to send us a hammock wins our unending devotion! Also, we have to burn all our trash, so keeping packaging to a minimum is better.

By phone:

Jamie: +255718331134
Ashley: +255718331132
(if you are calling us on skype or something where you preset the country you are calling to, you can take away the 255 and just add a leading 0)

You can call us on the phone, but it’s probably incredibly expensive. If you want to give us a call (which we would love, as we may only get internet once a month or so) you should sign up on an online service that lets you call our phones through your computer. Suggested ones are skype, google voice, nobel, rebtel, or try buying a calling card. It’s really expensive for us to call the states, so surprise phone calls from home might be just what we are needing at the moment. We’ve generally been awake between 6am and 9pm EAT (we go to bed when it’s dark) and right now our schedule is flexible enough that anytime you try to call will work for us.

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2 Responses to The Blog Posts are Coming!! (and how to contact us)

  1. Ari says:

    Jamie, I am sending you a letter!

  2. Shawn says:

    I had a brother on a mission in Haiti for 2 years and I remember my mom would have to send two packages. One would have half of the stuff in it and the 2nd package would have the rest of his stuff. I also seem to remember that sending stuff in pringles cans that had been wrapped in brown paper bags was a good way to get things through untouched.

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