The Day Our Partners Became Real to Me

written 9/25

Our project is slowly getting underway and today we accomplished the first step in moving it forward and getting the gardens back up and running. We met with Sam and Ana on Monday and agreed to change our direction from just observation to action. To this end, we want to resurrect our group and re-initiate the gardens…

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2 Responses to The Day Our Partners Became Real to Me

  1. Girls, This is Rachael’s mom. It has been so interesting to read your blogs. The people and places are familiar but it is so much easier to assimilate the information now that Rachael is not an active part of it. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. It’s not an easy task you’ve chosen to be a part of – but so important. Rachael and Ros are very different individuals and they came to terms with the dynamics of living with another person 24/7. Ros came to visit Rachael over the summer and she is now one of my families (and Rachael’s) favorite people. This will happen for you, too. Be well. Love to Bino. Marti

  2. Learning that your partners are real people who have concerns, desires, and goals that may differ from the project goals is a good start to moving your project ahead and in communicating (though you may not have a good understanding or verbal usage of Swahili) with your partners. This must be a difficult, though necessary, turning point in your personal perspective and personal growth. Thank you for sharing your progress in this fine endeavor.

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