A Day of Cleaning

written 9/27

We spent the whole day doing cleaning of one sort or another. Which, except for our lack of cooking, is just like the life of a Taboran woman. I want to describe this day to give you some idea of the work that goes into keeping a clean life here and to document my encounter with a life that lacks any kind of machines to make things easier…

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3 Responses to A Day of Cleaning

  1. Sounds like difficult work learning and adjusting to Taboran ways. I can’t imagine myself without the cleaning aids I have here in the US. You’re a better person than I am to do all that you do. I admire your determination.

    I wonder about the health of the Taboran people. I know that I experience gastrointestinal difficulties when I come in contact with certain germs. I wonder if the Taboran people are often ill or if they just are used to these germs and/or difficulties they cause. Before we were able to buy the (then) luxurious cleaning devices we now take for granted, I remember my mom laboring to keep things clean. You have no easy task.

  2. Hi, Jamie,
    I feel your pain – things just move much slower when you don’t have machines for household help! It used to be this way in the US as well.

    Can you show us a picture of your bathroom? I wonder if a stick on a stick (T shaped) might be useful for pushing the water into the toilet? Sort of like a squeegie. or would all that water overwhelm your septic “tank”? Can you use that “grey water” to wash your clothes? Stand in a basin to rinse and then wash the clothes in that? Do you remember when we all had buckets in our showers because of the drought?

    Sand is good for scrubbing – those old German hausfraus used it to scrub their kitchen tables.

    Had you considered solar cooking? Food cooks but doesn’t burn. http://solarcooking.wikia.com/wiki/CooKit

    Dirty feet means sickness – hookworms and other ways to reduce your ability to function.

    Are the fences to keep the goats and chickens from destroying the plants? If the reward is not high enough, the hard work may not be worth it. Goats are famous for breaking fences, climbing them, or eating them!!

    And all that bending and stretching needed for turning the soil is especially hard for pregnant women. Try putting your largest bowl over your belly and then doing the work! Something I had to demo with Sarah’s father before he would cut me some slack!

    You are certainly learning a lot!!

    I think about you and your adventures often!

  3. Quercki says:

    Do you remember washing dishes in Girl Scouts on campouts? We used 3 basins. One with soap, one to rinse, one with bleach to sanitize. You have to leave them in the bleach water for 5 minutes.

    Don’t pour the bleach on your garden, though.

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