The First Training

written 10/7

Yesterday was our first training of the year and, although it generally went well, both Ashley and I came away from it with the realization that we have a lot of thinking to do about how we deliver education to our partners.

Before yesterday our plan was to have two trainings a month, one on practical tools for planting and one on nutrition, and we had already begun planning the first nutrition training with a local government nutrition educator…

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3 Responses to The First Training

  1. beth says:

    I remember Ros and Rachel’s first training. Safe to say they felt almost the same way you do now.
    V. sorry. Keep trying hard! You make us Proud!!!

  2. Though your workshop seemed unsuccessful, you learned more about Taborans, so your next workshop may be more successful. I find that in all places, a person’s actions tell you more than a person’s words. It seems that your partners are not aligned with your goals. It sounds like living conditions make it difficult to survive in Tabora. Perhaps the Taborans goals are focused on survival and they don’t realize that learning about gardening and nutrition will help them survive. I am used to working with people who want to learn. I am proud to know you, Jaimie, and to know how much you are learning about Taboran so that you may better serve them. Sorry that I have no suggestions about getting Taborans to attend your workshops.

  3. Quercki says:

    Can you take the training to the women? If the teachers went to each woman’s house, it might have taken the same amount of time, and the women would be there. (I’m in a choir that has one member who only comes when we meet at her house, and sometimes not even then. She jumps up to do other things.)

    Did your partner keep the bucket of water? Did she want the water more, or the bucket more? How did you get the bucket of water? Did you strain and treat it and carry it yourself, or did you buy it? Do you need a dolly or a handcart to carry things?

    If this training were run by Taborans, would they distribute the food and water afterwards, or would the leader take it home? I have the idea that you and the Taborans may have very different ideas of property and ownership.

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