Gardening as a Spectator Sport

written 10/10

Never in my wildest dreams would the words gardening and audience go together. However, this is our reality in Tabora. As said before, people are constantly watching us, no matter what we’re doing (we could be taking a nap and people would still crowd around us, fascinated.) We’ve spent a lot of time this week working on our garden and thus, have managed to turn gardening into a spectator sport…

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One Response to Gardening as a Spectator Sport

  1. I understand that you feel terrible, upset, and frustrated when you watch someone who believes s/he’s being helpful destroy your work. My experience is that people, in general, enjoy watching and criticizing, not just Taborans. It seems that many people have difficulty allowing others to learn on their own and to be experimenters and to be innovative. I must confess that for most of my life I’ve behaved in this way. So many people think only inside the box. It is only now that I have decided to be compassionate and kind (as you are) rather than ‘right’ (after all, it seems that we all think we know what’s right, not only for ourselves, but for others as well). Thanks for sharing your experience in Tabora, Jamie.

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