Roommate and Coworker

written 10/14

In many ways, the most challenging part of this adventure so far for me has been learning to work and live with my partner. We often have completely opposite viewpoints and approaches to doing things, which has made working together so closely quite a challenge. Frequently, we have different opinions on what the most important thing for us to be focusing our energy on is, which at some point hopefully will become a great strength for our partnership, but for now is causing stress…

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2 Responses to Roommate and Coworker

  1. I (and I think many), too, find it difficult to live and work with others. As in your case, the people involved wanting to make it work is paramount to making it work. You’re right in knowing that communication with each other is the key to making a relationship work. I (and studies) find that active listening is crucial in successful and effective communication.

    I, too, find that it is easy to place blame on something or someone else. I find that as I take responsibility for myself and acknowledge my part in each situation (as you are doing) it doesn’t get easier for me and it’s the right thing to do for me. I have come to believe that sometimes I just have to take a break. Of course I’m much older and tireder than you. hahahaha.

    I am with you in hoping that at the end of the year you and your partner will believe that you couldn’t have gotten a better person to work with on this project. I believe it is true now.

    I know I’ve written this before, and I just want you to know that I enjoy reading about your experience in Tabor. I like reading about your progress on the project. I like reading about your growth. I am so proud to know you, Jamie. You are doing good work. I support you in whatever you choose.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you are doing some important work on you.

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