“This is madness! This is Tabora!”

written 10/20

We have completely switched gears since the last post that included project updates. On Sunday the 14th we met with Sam and Ana to talk about how our project’s going. We updated them on KCJ and the work that we’ve been doing with them and Sam and Ana told us that right now we should be focusing in a totally different direction.

Since the beginning of our time here, Sam and Ana have made it clear to us that KCJ is fairly inoperational and that in order for the project to succeed this year we need to make drastic changes…

post continues at http://lifeasajamie.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/this-is-madness-this-is-tabora/

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One Response to “This is madness! This is Tabora!”

  1. It sounds like you’re making this project your own now. You seem to be extracting understanding and substance from your experiences in Tabora. Perhaps the Taboran children’s persistence and loudness (is this the psychological correlate of physical strength?) is an expressions of what you must do.

    I’m sorry that you are experiencing difficulties at this time, Jamie. I’m wondering what the relationship between you and the children represents to them. We can only speculate. You can better judge what your experience with the children is. Your seemingly withdrawal (in actuality, in my opinion, your withdrawal and hiding is a part of the relationship) from the interaction with the children and the Taborans says something. I see your inquiry into the happenings as meaningful to your project. What is the meaning to this chaotic behavior? Where is the common sense in this foolish behavior?

    Anyway, you’re there and I’m not. You are doing what you must. I trust you to trust yourself. You know what you must do. Remember your vast training.

    Again, I enjoy reading your experiences of Tabora and you project. Thank you for sharing them with me, Jaimie.

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