Stir Crazy

written 10/24

These last two weeks, which have been an experiment that I hope shall never be repeated, have seen us spend 90% of our time inside the house. We have accomplished a lot and have made done a lot of creative thinking and great planning that will hopefully be very fruitful and work well (although we know we will have to make some adjustments). However, staying inside our house with no one for company but each other, our books, and the screams of children outside has definitely taken its toll on us…

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One Response to Stir Crazy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there. Rachael and Ros went through the same thing. I remember one day when Rachael called and had me tell Ros what was in our deep freeze. Apparently they had been discussing the long forgotten “delicacies” lost in the bottom of my freezer.

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