To Build a Fence

written 11/1

Because Tabora is filled with goats and chickens that roam freely, it is essential that a garden be protected from these animals. The goats especially will walk by and strip the plants of any leaves which, if you are growing leafy greens, means that they have just eaten your dinner. No matter how much care is put into a garden, a garden without a fence is almost useless here…

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3 Responses to To Build a Fence

  1. beth meerdink says:

    Happy belated turkey coma to you both! the Meerdinks

  2. I think it’s profitable to do a project yourself before asking someone else to do it. Now you know how much effort it takes to build a fence in Tabora. Sounds like so much work for little return, as yet. I’d (in my younger years) likely begin building a fence around a smaller are, then expand it, using the same sticks. Of course, I’m not there and I’m not doing it. Also, my friend raised chickens and allowed them to roam in her garden. They ate slugs and snails from her garden. Of course, they dug up some of her plantings when they scratched (what do you call it?) the dirt. I haven’t personally raised either chickens or goats, so I have no personal experience. I have studied gardening for 30 years or so and I created several gardens in different locations (only the SF Bay Area) in my time. I’ll look up fence-build to see if a professional has any pointers. I’ll tell you or give you a link if I find something. Sounds like you’re progressing. Blessings, Jaimie.

  3. Quercki says:

    There is a reason that chicken wire was invented! Isa said that the chickens ate all their strawberries. Perhaps chickens in gardens are a seasonal garden thing–after harvest and before planting so they can eat bugs and loosen the dirt.

    Goats are probably best to clear an area–like the fire goats here in the SF East Bay.

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