Fun with Fundraising

Nov 11th Financial update from the Tabora team:

We have raised $10,500, which is 66% of our fundraising goal. Thank you guys so much for supporting and believing in us! Here is our plant, which you guys have watered so well:

However, just like in Tabora, the rain seems to have slowed to a trickle. If our plant is going to survive this season, we need more water! Help us reach our next target, which is 80% by January 1st. Ways that you can help us do this: let your family and friends know about The Tabora Project. We would love for you to reach out to the people you know and ask for them to support us, but even just sharing this blog helps (especially if you are enjoying reading about our adventures!)

Also, I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the last $1,500 needed to reach my personal goal of $8,000. Look for that information to show up in the next few weeks. I’m currently making the video for the campaign, which will be stuffed full of footage of life in Tabora to give you guys an idea of what our world looks like.

Now that we’ve been here for a few months, we have a much better idea of how we are spending our money. As part of 2Seeds we track all of our cash expenditures so that we know exactly where our money is going.  We haven’t yet heard from the 2Seeds financial person about how much our plane fare, rent, and health care cost. In August (pretty much all of these expenses come from our first trip to the market) we spent $136. Just for comparison of dollars to TzSh, a meal in the city costs between 70¢ and $2.50, but cost thousands of shillings. Most of our expenditures were buying goods for our house such as cooking oil, a hoe, kerosene, notebooks, curtains, pillows, and enough water to get us set up for the first week.

In September we spent about $190, which breaks down as follows: $50 on transportation (traveling to and from Korogwe and Bombo Majimoto), $15 on food (we have since eaten a little better than we did at the beginning), $22 on telephone credit and trying to get our internet to work in Tabora (which it doesn’t), and $100 of general expenses which include items such as clothing, installation of our solar panel, a dictionary, a bucket, and kerosene.

In October we spent $232. This was $7 on transportation, $110 on food, $25 on telephone credits, and $90 on general supplies. Our transportation cost halved because our project site visit was cancelled, so we went to Korogwe instead (which is much cheaper to get to), and our food costs shot up both because we changed the category for some items from being listed under general supplies to food and we bought a bunch of food in bulk that will last us for a while.

Last but not least, our expenditures for November are sure to be higher as we are going on our first vacation tomorrow. We’re off to the Serengeti to go on Safari! I’ll update the picassa albums with our photos when I have a chance.

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2 Responses to Fun with Fundraising

  1. Congratulations on your fundraising, Jaimie. I know. All I contribute are words. I support you spiritually.

    • jamie2seeds says:

      Which is also valuable. Thanks so much for following along- I’m really enjoying getting to hear your thoughts on everything. It’s cool to be having this dialogue with you and getting to see how you relate to what I’m writing. I wish more people were as active at commenting as you are!

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