Thanksgiving Surprise

written 11/23

Since getting back from safari, we have continued to run around a lot and just briefly touched base in Tabora. We returned to Korogwe on Saturday, I stayed overnight and worked on the Indiegogo campaign and returned to Tabora late Sun. While in Tabora for the next two days, I mostly filmed and edited the video and wrote up the information for the website and cleaned a bit. Ashley spent the time planning for when we would actually have time to really spend in Tabora. We then left for Magoma for Thanksgiving/ our third village meeting. And it was a Thanksgiving worth being thankful for.

I have been expecting a Thanksgiving package from my parents that has been taking a much longer time to get here than any other package has for me…

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One Response to Thanksgiving Surprise

  1. Just received your Thanksgiving post (about three weeks after Thanksgiving). Of course, I believe that anytime is a good time to feel thankful.

    For one thing, I am thankful to read of your experiences in Africa. Sounds like you were nostalgic for things that remind you of home, like Thanksgiving foods with which you are familiar and comforted. I am so pleased your hunger was satiated. Tell me when you get the box your family sent you. I wonder why you didn’t get it yet.

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