Thanksgiving Thoughts

Because of the holiday (and the fact that I have internet access right now) I am posting this not in sequence, but in real-time. This post makes a reference to our safari, which you will get to read about in a few weeks after the blog catches up to that point (and I have caught up my writing).

One of the concepts this year is instilling in me very strongly is how wonderful it is to get to live life in a first-world country. It’s often been said that you cannot fully appreciate something until you don’t have it…

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One Response to Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. So happy to hear that your Rachel’s mom, Mrs. Hacher, sent you Thanksgiving dinner in-a-box. Your mom said that you’d like a traditional American Thanksgiving feast there in Tanzania. I thought that was unlikely. Glad I was mistaken.

    I had a fine Thanksgiving with most of my family, who came over my house for dinner. I am so thankful for my friends and my family. I’m glad that I chose to stay close, both relationally and in proximity, to my family. (Perhaps I’m just a wuss that can not cope with being away from my security.)

    I’m pleased to hear that you’ve learned that you value living in a country in which the comforts of life, like shelter, health, and food, are the norm. I, too, appreciate living abundantly. I only understand intellectually that most people in the world (I think I’ve read 80%) lack what I consider to be normal and necessary to live a good life. I enjoy my blessings right now.

    As I’ve told you before, I admire your adventurous and compassionate attitude, Jaimie, and I enjoy reading your blog. I wish you success in your Taboran project.

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