To All of our Supporters

You guys, dear readers, are wonderful.

To begin with, after the Indiegogo campaign has only been up for a week, it has already raised 1/3 of it’s goal! That’s amazing and I hope the momentum just keeps rolling along. If you haven’t noticed the neat widget on the right that automatically updates with our fundraising progress, check it out (for those of you reading this by email you have to actually go to the blog to see it.) Even if you can’t donate, you can help ensure the campaign is sucessful by sharing the page and video with your friends.

Also, on Friday the blog received its highest number of page views ever- 135. For just a little blog that is sharing the adventures of two girls in Tanzania, this is an amazing amount of readership. Thank you guys. Since September this blog has been getting between 650 and 1000 views per month. We have had readers in 69 countries. I’m so grateful for all of you that have been following along and to those who occasionally wander over here. (If you want to get notifications everytime something is posted, either subscribe by email on the right-hand side, or like our facebook page at

The amount of support you guys have given us is truly amazing. It encompasses donations, well wishes and prayers, packages, letters, phone calls, emails, skype chats, comments on the blog, likes on facebook, retweets, and sharing enjoyable posts and our fundraising efforts with friends. It is really humbling to be the recipient of all of this and we truly appreciate every ounce of support we have gotten.

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