Higher and Higher

written 12/9

One of the tenants of the way that 2Seeds operates is that it stresses growth and professional development for its PCs. This was one of the reasons that I was really attracted to this program- I feel that I still have so much to learn, both about the world and about how to be effective at accomplishing the things I set out to do.

Yesterday we had our first quarter feedback session…

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One Response to Higher and Higher

  1. Each time I read your blog (and I read it each time) I read about your growth and professional development, as well as personal development. I think you are doing incredibly well. I admire your willingness to deal with your stresses and obstacles head on. I admire your willingness to learn about how others live and think by immersing yourself in another way of being and allowing yourself a different perspective of life in order to improve the lives (at least nutritionally) of others. I think that one improves others when one improves oneself, as we are actually all one. Your actions demonstrate your caring. You walk your talk even when it is difficult. I am so pleased that you are feeling hopeful about the future. I wish you joy in your work and in all your life.

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