What is a family?

written 12/12

As we have been getting to know the people in Tabora, one of the things I’ve tried really hard to do is place kids with their parents and gain some understanding of the families we are interacting with. However, this has been more complicated than I was expecting. To begin with, this is a small town, so we keep finding family members of our friends popping up everywhere. Last week we learned that two of our friends are sisters, a realization that blew our minds. We had never heard them talk to each other, seen them together, and they don’t have a strong family resemblance.

Just as in the US, families here don’t all follow one strict pattern…

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2 Responses to What is a family?

  1. beth meerdink says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your “African family”. I’m sure you are missed at home. Ros is arriving by bus in about 2 hours. She has her presents (just a few) from LAST season to open as well!!!

  2. It is interesting to me to read of the different ways people view relations. I can understand why you’re confused by Taboran relationships. Thanks for sharing this.

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