written 12/22

One of the things that I’ve been missing here, on a small level, is the ability to spend time with other Jews and get to enjoy celebrating our Judaism. Most people here have no concept that there could even be another religion aside from Islam or Christianity, so I have very little ability to find people or spaces to celebrate holidays in. I was so involved with the Jewish community all through college that it feels like a small part of my life is missing right now, and I will be grateful when I have more opportunities to connect with Judaism again.

I was a little bit sad about not having anyone to do Hannukah with and was trying to figure out if I could create a menorah out of the materials we have here in Tabora…

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2 Responses to Channukah!

  1. Bea Siegel says:

    I just read your blog about Chanukah and must congratulate you on your celebration and preparing the foods you did. You’re doing great!!!
    Tons of love from

  2. Val says:

    I am very impressed that you were able to accomplish the meal. We have missed you and have been talking and thinking a lot about you. We have missed you at the family events! Your e-mail to gamma
    Bee was wonderful and made me cry! We miss you!

    Love~ Maddi, Gracie, Val and John

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