The 2Seeds Difference

written 12/24

After the wedding, most of the PCs went back to Marc and Chung’s house and Ashley, Marc, and I ended up talking to one of the farmers in Lutindi. We were talking about a program that Oxfam has in Lushoto (a nearby city the size of Korogwe). The farmer began by saying that farmers in the Korogwe district could provide crops during the off-season in Lushoto. After a while though, he said in a depressed sort of way that Oxfam would never come to Lutindi because it’s too small to be concerned with.

He then said that 2Seeds is unlike any other NGO in the area, in a way that he really loves. The other NGOs are “good at writing reports” and showing how much money they have spent in places, but they don’t actually know and understand the farmers. 2Seeds comes and lives in the communities, eat ugali with the farmers, and works next to the people they are trying to help. For him, this meant that 2Seeds gets his respect and is going about things the right way.

I’m still learning about development and different models and it is not yet clear to me if 2Seeds is truly achieving the things that it sets out to do, but hearing this made me proud. No matter how successful the 2Seeds projects are we are at least touching people, making them feel important and valuable, and they are happy we are here.

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One Response to The 2Seeds Difference

  1. I appreciate your openness to learning, to finding facts for yourself rather than take the word of another, and to choosing to show people their importance and value, Jamie. I am proud to know you.

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