A World of Women

written 12/30

80% of our interactions are with women and children- Tabora seems to have a higher percentage of kids than any other town and we spend a lot of time with the people who are home all day. Other projects go out to the farms all day, but we spend time with people in their homes- mostly women. We sit at the bomba and talk to them, chat as they wash clothes, help prepare food for cooking and play with their kids. The man I talk to most is our landlord, Msembe, an older man who knows some English and is a great resource for understanding what’s happening in town.

I really enjoy that our interactions are shaped this way, as the women are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and it makes me feel like I’m getting to really live with these people and I get a great sense of their daily lives…

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2 Responses to A World of Women

  1. It sounds like it’s okay to sexually harass women in Tabora. Sorry you are experiencing this unpleasantness, though your observations are interesting. You are learning so much about Taborans.

  2. Bea Siegel says:

    Jamie, I hope the women of the village are available to help you if a man gets too aggressive.

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