An Uncommon New Year’s

written 1/2

I have spent nearly every single New Year’s of my life at the San Francisco Folk Music Club’s New Year Camp. For practically the first time in memory I am not there and have just spent a New Year’s week devoid of all of the traditions that have surrounded me since birth. To everyone from camp who is reading this blog- I missed getting to be with you guys so much and I really look forward to the next time I go back and get to be with all of you again.
My first non-camp New Years was incredibly wonderful though. A huge part of it is that this group of PCs is so excellent and so much fun to be around. I’m really enjoying the friendships I am building with all of them and know that after this year they will be a truly amazing group of people to watch as their lives unfold. We took a trip with Sam and Ana to Pangani, a coastal town, in order to celebrate this holiday. The night was full of both silly and touching moments and the following day filled me with so much joy…

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