Fundraising Acheivement Unlocked

written 1/5

I apologize for the absence in posts recently- I hope that you were all too busy to notice while enjoying the Christmas to New Year’s break. Posts are now going up and should be rolling out as per use soon.

In part, this lack of updating is because I haven’t been on the internet for awhile. My weekly runs into Korogwe became much less urgent when I found out on the 21st that


Thank you guys so much for making this happen and for cheering me on…

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One Response to Fundraising Acheivement Unlocked

  1. I’m almost sorry you reached your fundraising goal since you have less motivation to keep us up on your doings. But really, I’m glad that you need to do no more fundraising this year.

    I have missed your mailings, though. And I’m pleased that you are honest. Hope to hear from you soon.

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