Our Calendar and Recruitment

One of my wonderful cousins wanted to know when we are in Korogwe so that she can figure out when it might be easiest to reach me. If any of you have the same question, here are our official dates that we are supposed to be in Korogwe. We often go in or stay a bit later so that we have some time to use the internet, so these dates are not exact and it may be possible to catch us online on the days that surround our official Korogwe meetings.
Dates that we are currently scheduled to be in Korogwe:
Jan 30-31
March 1-3
April 4-7
May 1-2
Around the end of May we will probably pass through Korogwe
July 4-7

Additionally, 2Seeds is currently recruiting for its next round of Project Coordinators. If you or anyone else you know might be interested, visit http://www.2seeds.org/involved/ and don’t hesitate to email me to chat at taboraproject@2seeds.org (although there will definitely be a lag time in my response). If anyone is interested in development work, East Africa, living in a third-world country, Swahili, agriculture, personal development, doing work with a lot of freedom and responsibility, or trying to make a difference in the lives of others, I urge you to look into this. Although the majority of PCs have been students right out of college, 2Seeds is also looking for people taking a year off during college, people with work experience or advanced schooling, and professionals looking for a change.

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