Communication, Shumunication

written 1/11

Last week I had a great talk with Sam and Ana in which we agreed that something big needed to change in The Tabora Project, and it needed to change badly. Maybe the problem is that we need exchange and buy-in from people in Tabora, maybe it’s that we need to re-think our fundamental grounding and what nutrition means, and maybe it’s that we need to move away from our current project design and its focus on education…

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3 Responses to Communication, Shumunication

  1. Bea Siegel says:

    Jamie, I left a comment for Ashley yesterday and am saying the same thing to you. You have to ask the people in the village what they want and you have to help them get it. What is their motivation? Do they want to have something to sell? You have to help them figure out what they could make or grow to sell. Do they want their children to learn English? You can do that. Ashley had said she was talking to Msembe (is that his name) and they talked about breeding chickens and making money off that. Whatever you and Ashley can help with has to fit what the women feel they are lacking and want your help with.
    Love you,

  2. You seem frustrated, Jamie. I would be, too. You and Ashley communicated. Good. You found out that you and Ashley have different ideas about your proceeding in the Tabora project: you think a change of procedure is necessary and Ashley thinks the project should proceed as usual. Perhaps you are both correct. How?

    It seems to me that the issue continues to be concerned with motivation. What is you motivation? What is Ashley’s motivation? What is the people of Tabora’s motivation?

    Your grandma made a good suggestion. What do you think about it?

    I have no answers (ah, you guessed). You’re there and I’m not. Besides, we’re two different people with different experiences and I’m grateful that you continue to share your experiences. I know that I grow as a person with the knowledge and experience you share.

  3. Teri says:

    How about giving the educated man who speaks some English a more prominent position (and title?)?

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