The Universality of Childhood

Most of you that know me well, or have been to any sort of camp with me, know how much I love children. One of the fascinating things about getting to live in such a different place is that I’m learning a lot about the universality of different ages. I grew up in a house with parenting books that were titled “How to Parent Your 4-year Old,” “How to Parent Your 5-year Old,” and on and on for every year. This always annoyed me, because I am an individual and these books seemed to reduce my actions and feeling to just being a product of my age. I know that despite my feelings about them, these books proved very useful for my parents and now, getting to see children in a completely different culture, I am beginning to understand why.

I have never before this year spent so much time around babies and it’s been fascinating to watch the babies we know grow up over the last five months…

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2 Responses to The Universality of Childhood

  1. In my experience, US parenting books are based on children’s developmental biology and psychology, which may be different in other cultures. I don’t know because of my limited experience of other cultures. I have only my reading upon which to reflect, whereas you have firsthand experience. You seem to be learning much about Taborans and how they progress. I admire your willingness to experience whatever happens.

  2. Teri says:

    Very nicely written. The thought of a looping water path made me smile.

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