I believe!

written 1/31

Right now, the world is all sunshine and rainbows (note: this is not a description of the weather, which is currently wonderfully stormy and full of rain) and I feel like, despite how crazy of an idea 2Seeds is, it just might be one that works. The idea of coming to a place where I don’t speak the language and trying to start a project to help the people here that I don’t know how to implement in a culture I don’t understand is pretty crazy. For most of my time here, I’ve been looking at this experience as a huge learning adventure and, because I haven’t been sure if in this time frame and situation I can really make any meaningful difference, anything that I do here that positively impacts the lives of Taborans is incidental.

Today though, I’m starting to think that I might have a real capability to change things during my time here…

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3 Responses to I believe!

  1. I understand why you might question the situation you are in right now. It’s great that you are seeing it as an adventure. What I want you to know is that you make a difference in the lives of the people around you wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Always. Just reading your blogs of your experience has enriched my life. Thank you, Jaimie2Seeds. And I believe that you are making a positive impact on the Taborans as well (whether you or they notice it right now).

    I read in your words enthusiasm and determination to succeed in bettering the Taboran’s nutrictian. (Or maybe not. It’s difficult to read and interpret the tone of writing.) In any case, it sounds like you’re progressing nicely. (I know you’d prefer to move along a little faster and it goes how it goes.) Keep up the good work you are doing.

  2. Sorry. I misspelled nutrition.

  3. Michael Riemer says:

    Yay for sunshine and rainbows! 🙂 So great to hear that you are reaching that tipping point at which you realize you’re making a big contribution to the local women’s lives, even while you continue to learn and grow from the experience personally. Wonderful that you’ve gotten them involved in the decision making, since that is maybe the best way to insure that whatever plan is chosen will continue after you leave there…

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