Learning Conflict Resolution

written 2/3

Ashley and I had an interesting conversation tonight that I believe had a nugget of wisdom inside of it about how to deal with conflict.

We had a horrible day. Ashley woke up incredibly mad at me because she had wanted to do some planning with me last night and instead I had gone to sleep and worked on other things. We then tried to have a discussion about our project that was really more of an argument and then had a really passive-aggressive session of planning out the rest of our day. When she left for Korogwe I was seething and then dissolved into tears.

We talked about it at tonight and…

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2 Responses to Learning Conflict Resolution

  1. I’m sorry that you were, and, perhaps are, upset and I pleased to hear that you have a better handle on dealing with conflict. I agree that judging a person’s behavior rather than judging a person (makes the person bad and wrong) can lead to resolution to conflict.

    It is clear that you are a person who works on resolution to conflict. And though you may feel upset now, you are making progress. It seems to me that transformation is a life process. You’re a good person, Jamie2seeds.

  2. Quercki says:

    That video by Jay Smooth is so useful! Now that you know that a value-neutral statement of the actions that are the problem works better, perhaps the two of you will be able to work on communicating like that.

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