Searching for an Anchor

written 3/23

Although many things about this experience are wonderful, I’ve been incredibly frustrated with my living situation and have been thinking about potentially leaving the program early and going home. When I’ve talked to people (siblings, parents, pcs, Ana) about this, one of the questions that they’ve all asked is– but our project has just gotten off the ground in a really successful way, don’t I want to stay to ensure that it really gets started? I’ve also been thinking about what I can use as a motivating factor to keep me here and engaged and to feel like any of my unhappiness is worthwhile. Part of that thought leads to– are this project and the women that I am working with enough to make me want to stay?…

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One Response to Searching for an Anchor

  1. Shawn Ballard says:

    Very thought provoking. It sounds like you have quite an internal struggle going on here. Let’s plan on discussing this for sure on a call. The hardest thing to do is to forget about oneself and focus all your strength and energy on someone or something else.

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