written 3/24

Okay. I know that title doesn’t really make sense. I just wanted to combine 2Seeds and Inception and it doesn’t work that well. Moving on.

One of the things that has struck me time and time again about being in this organization is how much what I’m doing is exactly like what Sam and Ana do, just on a smaller scale. Our Executive Director was here for a visit and, while talking to her, I realized that these mirrorings go even higher up in the organization than I thought…

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2 Responses to 2Se(eds)ception

  1. Sounds like you’re in transition, Jamie. You’re intelligent and you are mindful of your behavior. You’re going through a normal process. It reminds me of how a mechanic or doctor works. Experience and best guess. How is one to actually KNOW the right path? I say, if I’m on a path, it must be right for me. The grass isn’t greener on…

  2. Hugs Jamie! I am keeping you in prayer that you will find the sense of purpose & fufillment you long for. This journey is both challenge & celebration. You made a very powerful decision in doing this project & no matter if you stay the full year or not, your future work & life will be impacted by your days there. Your health & well being may well be giving you wise advice to leave. On the other hand, your resistence may be a force to reckon with. Your own wise heart knows for sure!

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