Swahili Learning pt. 2

written 3/26

My parents just came to visit, which was wonderful, and I think that honestly the thing I was most excited about showing them was the fact that I’ve learned Swahili. They didn’t gush about the fact that I can now converse in another language, which I was hoping they would do, but I will survive. It is remarkable though that last time they saw me I was struggling to memorize Swahili vocab 101 (to go, to come, tree, mango etc.) and now I am able to have a wide range of conversations with people.

Because it’s hard to define what ‘only knowing a little bit’ of a language is and what the difference between fluency and proficiency is, I’m not sure how to define my current level of skill. I can safely say though…

post continues at http://lifeasajamie.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/swahili-learning-pt-2/

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