Bilingual Tutoring

written 4/09

After the meeting I helped gather up all of our supplies and return them to our house (by candlelight, as night had fallen). I then sat in our doorway, bubbling over with pride and happiness. One of Mama Mwaliko’s (our youngest group member) children came and sat down with me. She was really quiet instead of super energetic, as usual. Although I asked what was up, she didn’t say why. Instead, we sat next to each other in my doorway as the last bit of sunlight faded from the sky. It was a moonless night and the stars were breathtakingly beautiful.

Lightning flashed in the distance and a few fireflies meandered through the air. At moments the lightning illuminated the bugs’ positions between their own flashes; when the lightning turned the sky white it formed a background against which the insects appeared as small dark spots…

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