Dear Future PC Parents

written 4/12

Dear Parents of Prospective PCs*,

If your just-out-of-college child (ahem, Adult!) is thinking of becoming a PC, I urge you to think about this carefully. It is quite possible that you are worried about having your kids be so far away and in such a foreign environment for a year. Or maybe you don’t think this is a worthwhile use of a year and your child could be earning money instead. These are valid concerns, but I urge you to re-consider if your child is anything like me. In this year away from home and the pampering of college dining halls, your child MAY LEARN HOW TO COOK FOR THEMSELVES. This could be a bold leap for your child’s growth and independence, as well as allow them to begin contributing to Thanksgiving dinners.

Imagine a world in which your child is able to feed themself. Imagine one in which they come home for the company and not the fact that it’s the only place where they can get three square meals a day…

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One Response to Dear Future PC Parents

  1. Anonymous says:

    So excited for you! When you get back remind me to have you over for some more advanced cooking lessons 😛

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