Being a 23-Year-Old Mother

written 04/13

When I was a child I decided I was going to have my first kid at 26; now that age seems way too soon and I’ve pushed it back to mid or late 30’s. Here however, I’ve gotten asked many many times why I don’t have kids yet- it’s fairly common for your first child to be born when you are around 20.

I’ve never had a friend my age with a child (most of my friends went to four-year colleges and were focused on getting their BA), so it’s a new experience for me to be around young women with kids. Two of my best friends here, Mama Amina and Mama Mwaliko, are both about 21 and have kids. Mama Mwaliko is actually the birth mother of two children, but she is the mother to three older ones as well…

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One Response to Being a 23-Year-Old Mother

  1. Quercki says:

    The circumstances for raising children that you are finding in Tabora also apply to some communities in America. Some of them are rural, but some are very urban. I believe they are all “socio-economically disadvantaged.” Sometimes I envy the extended families.

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