Ruminations on Connectivity

written 4/25

I’ve spent much of the last week in Korogwe, the city near Tabora, so that I could be available to talk to potential employers. We have a house in Korogwe with electricity and wireless internet and scores of bunk beds for us to stay in when we come into town for meetings. Most of the PCs absolutely hate this house because it’s hot, filled with bugs (there are an amazing number), and is always dirty. I am perfectly content with it, but I have trouble dealing with the massive amounts of complaining about the house that occurs when we all come into town for a meeting (I admit that it’s hard to live in a house with 13 other people, but I think complaining about it only makes it worse).

When we come into town we all dive onto our computers and often have hours of silence in which ten of us will be in the same room just staring at our screens. When the electricity goes out (which it often does), we will all look up and start hanging out until it comes back on again…

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