2Seeds 2013 Campaign: Empowering Farmers in Tanzania!

2Seeds 2013 Campaign: Empowering Farmers in Tanzania!

You have been following my adventure for many months; you’ve slowly learned about my life in Tabora, the people I live and work with, and the ups and downs of creating small changes in the fabric of life in another culture and environment. It has been an incredible journey. Being placed in this position—given this responsibility of making decisions that will affect the well-being of these women and their families—has been an incredible opportunity to try to make a difference. And I am so proud to think that I could have put them one step further in the path to reaching better lives.

All this I have gone through, but I am not the only person living and working here. There are 15 other people here going through roughly the same struggles and triumphs that I have experienced. To learn about three of the other projects, please visit this campaign site. Five of us have joined forces to spread the word about our projects and share everything we have accomplished this year so far—and to highlight what we still have left to do. Our campaign is to raise money to ensure we finish our year strong, our partners are able to manage the transition period, and the next team can effectively build upon our work.

Please share this blog, or the link, with your friends and family to help us spread the word!

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