2Seeds is in the process of recruiting new coordinators for next year; it has been a long process, beginning sometime in the fall when they wanted to start thinking ahead for the best avenues to recruit. We have received updates every month on how it went and now it is almost time for them to attend the spring orientation (renamed “Nominated Candidates Weekend”). I can remember a lot about last year; having my best friend Hanna drive me to the airport early in the morning (I thought I would miss my flight and was so anxious), wandering around the airport to meet the two others I would be picked up with, getting to our room with Cait and spending the afternoon in Cambridge, the craziness of the orientation itself (with the constant thought: where am I?? who are these people??). I can imagine where they are—this new class. But being here for a year and making a home in Tabora, it’s hard for me to imagine newbies coming in to live here…

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