Advising a Business Group

written 5/27

When I tell people about the group we’ve started, one of the common questions I get is- but you know nothing about business, what makes you qualified to do this?

The answer is that, although I’m no business expert, I know some basic financial principles that are new to some of our women. By teaching them these skills we are giving them valuable tools with which to make money that they can use for the rest of their lives.

A few illustrative examples…

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One Response to Advising a Business Group

  1. Quercki says:

    A lot of Americans don’t understand basic finance either.

    I’ve known many parents in the U.S. who buy fundraising items their kids’ groups are selling, particularly the left-over ones no one wants. It’s more efficient to just donate the money if you don’t want the cheap crap being sold, but they don’t understand that.

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