The End of the Year

My journey to Tanzania began one year ago and I have tried my best to document it here. However, the time has come for the next generation of 2Seeds Project coordinators to take over and carry our work forward.

I am proud to introduce to you Hailey and Eliza, the Tabora Project Coordinators for 2013-14. I’ve talked with both of them over the phone and they bring a very thoughtful nature to this project, previous experience in West Africa, and an excitement for bringing in the best development ideas out there to their work. They landed in Tanzania this week and are currently going through orientation and learning about what their year ahead will bring.

I hope that this year goes incredibly well for them; please stay tuned on this blog to hear about their adventures and how The Tabora Project continues to advance.

I have moved all of the blogs I posted from this year (and a few that I did not) to a personal blog that can be found at Head on over there to read my final thoughts on this year’s adventures and future posts about my life after Tanzania. I also added links on this blog to all of Ashley’s personal blogposts, so if you scroll back you might encounter a few new things you have not yet read.

Thank you so much for this year and for following along with our project. I hope you will continue to read this blog and support this project, as it is still very much a young piece of work and will grow and change quite a bit in the next few years.

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One Response to The End of the Year

  1. Beatrice Siegel says:

    Jamie, The website in this blog isn’t right. Can you fix it?

    Would love to hear from you sometime just to say “hello”.

    Lots of love, Grandma

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