Everyday in Tabora is an adventure. We frequently say “There is no dull moment in this village”. When Emma and I wake up we may have a potential plan in mind, but we always remain open to new experiences, twists in the road, and lots of laughter.

Yesterday, Emma and I were able to go with our neighbors to their farm to see their crops and their daily chores. We were finally able to use some of the vocabulary we learned before coming to Tanzania in the 2Seeds Pre Departure Curriculum. The curriculum taught us a lot of technical farming terms, verbs, and vocabulary which most of the projects use every day, but being in the food production business Emma and I have had not had a chance to show off our knowledge!

The farm is a large plot of land that has been with Bibi Miamuna for 30 years! She is currently growing corn, dark leafy greens, okra, and beans. We asked lots of questions about the farm land, and even picked some vegetables that we got to later eat with ugali for lunch!

We were really happy to spend some time with our neighbors and that we had a chance to get to know them, and their work, a little better.

Today, we are in Korogwe to pick up one solar dryer from Fundi David and to go with him to buy the supplies for four more dryers!

We had the chance to see the solar dryer last week before Fundi was able to put the finishing touches on, and it looks awesome! Fundi was able to take our crazy idea of putting the solar dryer on wheels and bring it to life. The dryer has 2 bicycle wheels to make it easier for partners to move the dryers in and out of their homes. It looks a little like a cart for selling food, but the top is a box with a tray covered in plastic for drying fruits and vegetables. Pictures coming soon!

Once we bring back the prototype to Tabora, and the supplies for the first 4 dryers, we will begin planning our building days with the partners and Fundi David. We hope to set up workstations where several dryers can be built at one time giving our partners the chance to construct the dryers themselves. We are going for a very hands on approach, hoping we can all learn something new and valuable through the process.

First step, is getting all the supplies with us safely back to Tabora! Wish us luck as we load up a gouta (a truck bed that attaches to the back of a piki piki) and head into Tabora!

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