We have begun building individual home solar dryers in Tabora! We have now completed four solar dryers and will begin the fifth and sixth this week.

We have been working hard with Fundi David to learn all the steps of the building process. We have been keeping all the supplies in our little house (the wood is almost too long to fit!) and working three or four days a week to build all together. Partners have been coming to building sessions two at a time to maximize their ability to learn and help Fundi. Our partners have been excited to saw wood, hammer nails, chip holes, and paint the solar dryers.

We have been building at the house of one of our partners because she has lots of shade and space to spread out in her front yard. She lives right near the Tabora road and we get lots of traffic. Everyday we have community members and out of towners seeing our building process and asking our partners questions about the solar dryers. It has been really positive for community members to see eight women building machines that they will personally use for their families on a daily basis. Our partners take great pride in showing off their building skills and talking about solar drying. We have been touched to witness these moments and feel assured that we are moving in the right direction.

Two days ago, 2Seeds had a summit in which four partners from each project and all Project Coordinators came together to share project updates and activities. Our partners had the chance to see the breadth of the 2Seeds Network as well as brag about our cool new machines!

We have been busy with our building schedule, cooking large orders for Dar and Korogwe, and working on the Advanced Business Curriculum. This week the partners will not only cook and build, but we will be all learning about quality control during our 4th business curriculum lesson. We are very excited to have this lesson this week because last week we implemented new measuring methods in the kitchen to work on the quality and quantity of our products. This lesson could not be coming at a better time. We hope that by measuring all of our inputs and products after they cook, we will all have a better understanding of the relationship between the inputs we use and the profits we are making.


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