As we celebrate the completion of all of our home solar dryers (!) we are beginning to think about our upcoming solar drying trial and error period. Our partners began experimenting with solar drying at the end of Hailey and Eliza’s time in Tabora in June 2014. Their experience will be helpful as we begin to guide them along through several different drying methods this month.

We are heading into this adventure together as we try to discover how to best dry fruits and vegetables as well as store them in the Tabora climate. Tabora is very hot and does not often receive rain. Luckily, the climate is not too humid, but we need to develop a storage method that allows our partners to store these dried good for at least one month at a time. We hope that by solar drying all together we will be able to learn from each other’s successes and failures and discover some successful methods for storage.

This upcoming week we have a nutritional and solar drying expert coming to Tabora to teach us all about drying fruits. We had this expert, Bibi Lishe (Grandmother Nutrition), come to Tabora in December and teach us about drying leafy greens. Her training was really fun and we got to practice on one solar dryer. This week we will be able to learn a new method for fruits as well as try drying fruits on nine different dryers!

We have been on the edge of this trial and error period for so long that it feels really satisfying to finally begin.

Wish us luck and lots and lots of sun as we start drying this week!

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