Tabora followers, donors, and friends,

Sincerest apologies for our lack of blog posts in these recent months. Time got away from us and we spent as little time out of Tabora and away from our work as possible. We have been busy working towards our transition period coming up in just one week! We have been preparing partners to be on in Tabora without PC support for the month of July and August. This means we have been working to solidify our schedules and processes for collecting orders, cooking orders, delivering orders, as well as recording sales, and completing a weekly inventory of supplies. We have been working all year on these important processes to steam line everything and create as much clarity as possible. Partners have been really patient through the year, adding in their ideas as well as listening to us when we want to shift the way we handle the business or schedule. We are grateful for their critical thinking as well as their dedication to their business. We have been having what we like to call a “good problem to have!” with our business over the last few months. The business is growing too quickly to financially cover the growth. This means that as PCs we have invested a lot of money into the business for inputs, but it also means that orders keep growing and revenue is bursting through the roof! It has not been easy to explain why the partners are working harder with longer hours than ever before, but seeing little increase in their own profits.  We are working to keep the energy up as well as trying to work together through the numbers and possible solutions to our rapid growth.

As we account for this growth on the ground within our budget and business finances, we are trying to account for the growth in physical ways as well. We began building a large storage unit (12 X 15 ft) next to the group kitchen. This will be a place to organize and measure supplies before they reach the kitchen. It will also be a space for packaging products before they are shipped to Korogwe or Dar Es Salaam. We sincerely hope that this unit will be completed this week! We are really excited about this addition to the project and think it will help to further professionalize our cooking process.

We also wanted to take a minute to welcome our new project coordinators to Tabora! We feel confident that the Tabora project is in good hands as Isabel (and her to be determined teammate!) take over the project in late August. The new PCs will be taking over blog, twitter, instagram, and facebook communications. We cannot wait to watch their progress and successes over the next year.

Thank you for keeping in touch with us, Emma and Siobhan, as we worked in Tabora and with the 2Seeds Network during the 14-15 project year. We are forever grateful for your support, both financially and emotionally, as we spent one amazing year in Tanzania. We are looking forward to telling the world about Tabora and our partners. They make us proud every single day.

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